About AEG Television

AEG clients lead from both sides of the camera.

Acquire Entertainment Group represents the best creators, performers, personalities, and brands. Our clients work crossways the entire television landscape, from scripted programming to live sports broadcasts to reality series, on network and cable television.

Alternative TV Talent

Acquire Entertainment Group’s Alternative Television Talent include media personalities, hosts, and reality series stars.

Sports & News Media Talent

Our Sports Broadcasting group represents some of the world’s most prestigious talent, both in the booth and in the studio. AEG’s news division represents anchors, hosts, correspondents, and commentators.


We represent the showrunners, writers, directors, and producers creating the most exciting and award-winning programming on television.

Scripted TV Talent

Acquire Entertainment Group clients are among the most prolific and acclaimed actors and actresses in television. From established performers to emerging talent, our clients star in critically and commercially successful programming.

Alternative & Nonscripted TV

Acquire Entertainment Group clients create and produce reality programs, documentaries and docuseries, lifestyle television, and more.