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About AEG Video Games

At the center of the achievements.

AEG is one of the first pioneers in the video game industry representation. The world’s most respected and successful game developers, studios, and publishers trust our expertise to help build their individual capabilities.

Our consulting and dealmaking service can play a part in every stage of a project, from ideation to launch, and across all aspects of production, marketing, and execution. We similarly act as the conduit between the game industry and the broader entertainment universe, using groundbreaking models to connect traditional, digital, and interactive entities with top-tier talent.

About AEG Video Games

We offer a wide range of services:

Business Analytics

Our team offers market data analysis, competitive analysis, sales data and tracking, staffing plans, and budgeting.

Agency Services

Clients have access to AEG’s extensive business network and agency services including talent, licensing, management & acquisition.

Business Development

We provide arena evaluation, creative assements, road show planning, and materials generation & consultation.

Operational Services

Our expertise contains resources management, revenue projections, growth management, professional services, and business planning.