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October 2020

4 Tips For Improving Your Acting Skills 150 150 Acquire Entertainment Group

4 Tips For Improving Your Acting Skills

Acquire Entertainment Group brings you 4 tips to improve your acting skills so you can achieve your acting dreams.

  1. Observe

We need to observe, watch individuals, families, acquaintances, strangers to see how they behave if we want to replicate human actions on stage and be honest about it. We at Acquire Entertainment Group recommend you to write down the eccentricities and habits of people, no matter how weird.

You will be surprised at how your acting abilities in the creation of characters and their habits will be improved by this sort of study and observation.

  1. Vulnerability exercises

This is one of the most powerful exercises because it allows you to raise the feelings you may like to demonstrate for a part. These feelings are emotions that are really vulnerable. It could be heartbreak, or someone’s loss, or intense frustration or happiness.

At Acquire Entertainment Group we suggest you to try it out. While we acknowledge that initially, you may not feel anything once you are through a couple of minutes, you will start to feel the emotion that you have chosen. Owing to those strong feelings, you can feel tempted to interrupt the workout, but just keep going. If you stop, you’re never going to have the sensitive skin that the actor needs.

  1. Learn the script

One of the most important things for us at Acquire Entertainment Group is that you learn your script. Before you go on stage, always ensure that you master your script. For actors, it is important to always have the script on the back of their heads. An actor should also know the scripts of fellow actors so that he or she can know and predict when to come in. It’s very important to read the text of the entire play from which a scene or monologue comes several times. Look up words, expressions, people and situations that are unfamiliar and research the world of the play—historical setting, time period, location—so that you can embody it.

  1. Be dedicated

Practicing each day for no less than an hour will improve discipline and concentration. The toughest thing to learn is the art. There are few true ‘instant’ performers. Usually, it takes a lot of time and practice to hone one’s abilities. So here at Acquire Entertainment Group we encourage you to find other actors and read plays with them. Do scene work, write, hang out with designers and artists, be creative with like-minded people. Never stop being curious about the world and the work and how they inhabit each other.