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November 2020

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Acting Techniques

For a long time, acting has been around, and art itself has a way of changing with the time it is set and because of the continuously evolving cultural environment, performances can be performed by different means. For this reason, at Acquire Entertainment Group we bring you some of the most used acting techniques so you can explore the possibilities and pick which one suits you the best.

Viola Spolin’s Technique

Acquire Entertainment Group recognizes Viola Spolin as the Mother of Improve since her teaching technique is the foundation of improvement and has been taught worldwide; it’s no wonder her technique is based on improvisation. The technique is taught through a series of exercises and games that allow engagement and spontaneity to express the moment while learning to rely on your wits and smarts as well as body language. One of the most rewarding things an actor can do is to learn this method. Since it is not only handy for actors but for daily life as to learn to live in the moment and be able to adapt to the situation. 

Konstantin Stanislavski’s Method

We Acquire Entertainment Group acknowledge that his technique is, perhaps, the most widely known way you can approach acting. The idea stems from the sound basis that any time they appear on the stage, an actor must experience the feelings that the character is experiencing.

Stanislavski’s method consists of getting into the specifics of how in such circumstances a character will behave and searching for legitimate psychological explanations as to why the character does what they do. This way the actor must truthfully think, behave and act as the character would; in other words, he must become one with the character.

Lee Strasberg’s Method

With this method, actors are advised to take the character into their own lives and to emulate everyday interactions with the responses and feelings of a character. The actor should participate in activities/jobs that the character can do and participate as the character. That way he is able to reach a character’s emotional world and develop a deep and intense understanding of the outlook of the characters in different situations.

Michael Chekhov’s Technique

Another technique we at Acquire Entertainment Group consider is worth mentioning is that of Michael Chekhov. He was Stanislavski’s student and he created his own method which aimed at tapping into the subconscious mind and a sense of humanity’s universality.

His technique uses physical exercises to tap into these notions. In one of these exercises, known as psychological gesture, the actor physicalizes an internal need or desire into a gesture. The actor may then re-internalize the emotions produced by the physical action and use them in their acting by repeating or using this gesture.