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3 Tips For Improving Your Monologues

A monologue is a segment of a longer piece written for the stage or for the screen. It’s a glimpse of your work that agents, casting directors, producers, and directors can use to see what you’re capable of as an actor.

We at Acquire Entertainment Group want to remind you that a strong monologue would highlight your talents and show the producers what you can do, who you can play, and who you are.

Today we bring you 3 tips to improve your monologue performance.

  1. Be prepared

One of the best pieces of advice for your acting career we at Acquire Entertainment Group can give you is to always be prepared every time you have to perform. We suggest you to have a selection of monologues under your belt; this may seem like more work to have more than one perfected and ready to go, but you’ll feel much more capable and confident, plus you’ll never doubt yourself or question if another type of monologue would better fit your personality.

  1. Be unique and show your personality

Sticking to the most famous crowd-pleasers, as enticing as it is, not only puts you in danger of hearing the same monologue as the individual before you, but it also demonstrates a lack of creativity and individuality.

Choose a monologue that will make their ears perk up; it will be a breath of fresh air, and it will also reveal a little about your personality. We at Acquire Entertainment Group recommend you to seek to show something that represents your personality and is appropriate for you. In an ideal world, your accent will represent your surroundings, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push yourself and your acting abilities. Take into account your personality style, as well as the types of characters you are most attracted to.

  1. Keep it short

The harsh truth is that they will most likely assess your acting abilities and talent in the first 10 seconds, so don’t overdo it for more than 2 minutes. The importance of quality over quantity cannot be overstated. Modify and cut the monologue so that it is bold, dramatic, and leaves the audience craving more.

4 More Acting Techniques 150 150 Acquire Entertainment Group

4 More Acting Techniques

Following our last article, we at Acquire Entertainment Group bring you 4 more techniques and methods you can try out in order to become a better actress or actor.

  1. Meisner’s Technique

Sanford Meisner looked to expand on the teachings of Stanislavski in progressing how the character thought. His technique focuses on the overarching emotion of the character, as opposed to the playwright’s words that run in parallel.

Here at Acquire Entertainment Group, we explain what the exercises include, they consist of a dynamic training system that focuses on your improvisational ability, bringing out your emotional reactions, reading the script, and eventually combining them all together in a life-like way to bring out the characteristics of the characters through your own work-breaking experiences.

Meisner’s approach is to compel the actor to get out of his own mind, to stop conceptualizing and to start reacting to pure instinct. The purpose of the approach is to get rid of any patterns or

affectations of the actor and to make him or her accessible and sensitive.

  1. Classical Method

Classical acting is a term that covers the collective use of a variety of acting techniques. Its emphasis is on every aspect of the actor’s instrument such as the voice, the imagination, the body, and the capacity of the actor to interpret the script and embody their character.

We at Acquire Entertainment Group also recommend you to try exercises and processes that increase body awareness and flexibility are popular features of classical acting training. The understanding of vocal range, quality, and expressiveness is another cornerstone of classical training.

  1. Method Acting Technique

It is a set of training and rehearsal strategies that, as developed by a variety of different theater practitioners, aim to promote genuine and emotionally expressive performances.

All of these elements are designed to emotionally make the performance of the actor as realistic as possible. Actors are encouraged in performance to use their own experiences. This effective technique of memory involves remembering from your past a particularly strong emotion, resulting in actual, unaffected emotion.

.4. Practical Aesthetics Method

The last method we at Acquire Entertainment Group bring you is the Practical Aesthetics method. Some key features of this method include a particular method of script analysis, adaptability, and repetition exercises similar to those in the Meisner technique. It follows 4 essential elements which are:

  •         The literal: The essential and most basic, uninterpreted, description of what is taking place.
  •         The want: What does one character ultimately want the other character to say or do.
  •         The essential action: A universal human desire that relates to the specific and essential nature of what your character wants within the scene. In this step, you must distill the given circumstances and the actions of your character, given to you by the playwright, to a universal human desire that underlies the text.
  •         The “as if.”: This is something that could feasibly happen in your life, that has not yet happened, that produces a galvanized response within you; a spark to involve the actor in the scene.
Best paid actresses of 2020 150 150 Acquire Entertainment Group

Best paid actresses of 2020

Acquire Entertainment Group conducted research on the list that Forbes published last year of the best-paid actresses of 2020. Acquire Entertainment Group would like to honor these talented women by reminding you of some of their best performances.

10.- Viola Davis: USD $15 million

Thanks to her appearance as Annalise Keating in the iconic series How To Get Away With Murder, Viola Davis appears on the list for the first time in 10th place. She is also known for her role as Aibileen Clark in The Help (2011) right now we are waiting to see her return as Amanda Waller in the next Suicide Squad movie.

9.- Elisabeth Moss: USD $16 million

Moss gets paid USD $1 million per episode for her astonishing role as June in the dystopian TV series Handmaid’s Tale. An undisclosed portion of her income in 2020 was also accounted for by her appearance in the surprise hit film Invisible Man. A role to remember from Moss is Becky Something in Her Smell (2019), the most outstanding and performance of her early career.

8.- Ellen Pompeo: USD $19 million

After renegotiating a contract in 2017, for her role as Dr. Meredith Grey in the popular Grey’s Anatomy TV series, Pompeo earns around USD $550,000. According to Forbes, through her share of the show’s syndication income, she still pockets about USD $6 million annually.

7.- Nicole Kidman: USD $22 million

Her role in Ryan Murphy’s The Prom on Netflix paid her an eight-figure upfront salary. For her role in the psychological thriller series, The Undoing, she will also receive around USD $1 million per episode. One of Kidman’s most iconic roles is her role as Isabel Archer in The Portrait of a Lady (1996) where she plays a gorgeous American woman, drawn to the infamous and cynical artist of John Malkovich. The exquisiteness of her presence here makes it Kidman’s peak for many. We at Acquire Entertainment Group highly recommend you to watch it if you haven’t.

6.- Emily Blunt: USD $22.5 million

After the huge success of the first film in Emily Blunt’s A Quiet Place series. For the sequel, Blunt has secured an upfront eight-figure salary. Her role in Disney’s upcoming movie, The Jungle Cruise, will also earn her a high seven-figure check. A film to remember from Blunt is one of Acquire Entertainment Group’s favorites, The Young Victoria (2009) for which she received a lot of praise for her remarkable portrayal of the Queen.



5.- Meryl Streep: USD $24 million

Meryl Streep reportedly made USD $5 million from her HBO comedy film Let Them All Talk. Her roles in Little Women and The Prom, the hit movies, provided a lot of her earnings. Every Streep role is very iconic, from Miranda Priestly to Donna Sheridan, just from the mere fact that she plays the part.

4.- Melissa McCarthy: USD $25 million

As the host of the TV show Little Big Shots, the comedy star retains a regular salary, but also expands her earnings by featuring in two films: Thunderforce and Superintelligence. In the live-action version of The Little Mermaid, Forbes also factored in her upcoming role as Ursula to put her fourth on the list. We at Acquire Entertainment Group remember fondly her charmingly funny role as Megan in Bridesmaids (2011).

3.- Gal Gadot: USD $31.5 million

The relationship between Gal Gadot and Netflix proved to be very successful, with the actress raking in over USD $20 million for her role in the Red Notice film. We will never forget her role as the amazing Wonder Woman. 

2.- Angelina Jolie: USD $35.5 million

One of the few actresses to earn almost all of her profits from traditional films, Angelina Jolie’s biggest profit for 2020, comes from her starring role in The Eternals, set to be released in November 2021. We at Acquire Entertainment Group highly recommend you to watch her powerful performance as Christine Collins in Changeling (2008).

1.- Sofia Vergara: USD $43 million

The actress started her run as a judge on America’s Got Talent following the series finale of her globally famous Modern Family show in April 2020, with most of her earnings coming from the reality TV show. She also increased her earnings with a variety of endorsements and licensing deals, including a line of jeans and furniture. As her charming role as Gloria Delgado comes to an end we are excited to see her again on the screen.

5 tips for runway models – Acquire Entertainment Group 150 150 Acquire Entertainment Group

5 tips for runway models – Acquire Entertainment Group

We at Acquire Entertainment Group want you to follow your dreams so if your dream is to become a professional model here are 5 tips to help you achieve that goal.

  1. Pay attention to your shoulders

The way models kept their shoulders is one popular trend we see among the top walks in the industry. We at Acquire Entertainment Group recommend you to pull your shoulders down and back, of course, in a comfortable way. Naturally, this also affects how you keep your head.

  1. Your posture

Just think tall. The goal is to look as tall as possible.  Shoulder back and chin level, head facing forward.  We at Acquire Entertainment Group suggest you stand up straight while walking, leaning back slightly so the legs will go first. Have your toes facing forward, so you don’t turn them out. Then, as if walking on a tightrope, walk with one foot in front of another.

  1. The hips

We know that most people think there is a lot of hip-swaying you need to do. But here at Acquire Entertainment Group, we want you to know that is not correct, your hips will move naturally, if you step one foot in front of the other, the hips will automatically swing side by side. If you are trying to make your hips sway, it will show and look weird. Instead, we recommend you to focus on your foot positioning and your hips will follow.

  1. The arms

Let your arms swing naturally while you walk, nevertheless, take note that they are not too rigid or have great movement. The limitations on the movement will depend on the kinds of clothes that you wear, what you are wearing will help you decide what to do with your hands, but you’ll probably need to practice managing your arms’ sway. You don’t want to distract attention from the clothes that you model.

  1. Your attitude

Let the loud music be your uplifting motivation. At the end of the runway, you will pause to show off the clothes. This is your opportunity to showcase a little attitude. Be flirty and commanding. This will make it interesting for the crowd. We at Acquire Entertainment Group highly recommend you leaning slightly side to side this will reflect confidence in what you wear, and allow the clothes to be seen from different angles.

Acting Techniques 150 150 Acquire Entertainment Group

Acting Techniques

For a long time, acting has been around, and art itself has a way of changing with the time it is set and because of the continuously evolving cultural environment, performances can be performed by different means. For this reason, at Acquire Entertainment Group we bring you some of the most used acting techniques so you can explore the possibilities and pick which one suits you the best.

Viola Spolin’s Technique

Acquire Entertainment Group recognizes Viola Spolin as the Mother of Improve since her teaching technique is the foundation of improvement and has been taught worldwide; it’s no wonder her technique is based on improvisation. The technique is taught through a series of exercises and games that allow engagement and spontaneity to express the moment while learning to rely on your wits and smarts as well as body language. One of the most rewarding things an actor can do is to learn this method. Since it is not only handy for actors but for daily life as to learn to live in the moment and be able to adapt to the situation. 

Konstantin Stanislavski’s Method

We Acquire Entertainment Group acknowledge that his technique is, perhaps, the most widely known way you can approach acting. The idea stems from the sound basis that any time they appear on the stage, an actor must experience the feelings that the character is experiencing.

Stanislavski’s method consists of getting into the specifics of how in such circumstances a character will behave and searching for legitimate psychological explanations as to why the character does what they do. This way the actor must truthfully think, behave and act as the character would; in other words, he must become one with the character.

Lee Strasberg’s Method

With this method, actors are advised to take the character into their own lives and to emulate everyday interactions with the responses and feelings of a character. The actor should participate in activities/jobs that the character can do and participate as the character. That way he is able to reach a character’s emotional world and develop a deep and intense understanding of the outlook of the characters in different situations.

Michael Chekhov’s Technique

Another technique we at Acquire Entertainment Group consider is worth mentioning is that of Michael Chekhov. He was Stanislavski’s student and he created his own method which aimed at tapping into the subconscious mind and a sense of humanity’s universality.

His technique uses physical exercises to tap into these notions. In one of these exercises, known as psychological gesture, the actor physicalizes an internal need or desire into a gesture. The actor may then re-internalize the emotions produced by the physical action and use them in their acting by repeating or using this gesture. 


4 Tips For Improving Your Acting Skills 150 150 Acquire Entertainment Group

4 Tips For Improving Your Acting Skills

Acquire Entertainment Group brings you 4 tips to improve your acting skills so you can achieve your acting dreams.

  1. Observe

We need to observe, watch individuals, families, acquaintances, strangers to see how they behave if we want to replicate human actions on stage and be honest about it. We at Acquire Entertainment Group recommend you to write down the eccentricities and habits of people, no matter how weird.

You will be surprised at how your acting abilities in the creation of characters and their habits will be improved by this sort of study and observation.

  1. Vulnerability exercises

This is one of the most powerful exercises because it allows you to raise the feelings you may like to demonstrate for a part. These feelings are emotions that are really vulnerable. It could be heartbreak, or someone’s loss, or intense frustration or happiness.

At Acquire Entertainment Group we suggest you to try it out. While we acknowledge that initially, you may not feel anything once you are through a couple of minutes, you will start to feel the emotion that you have chosen. Owing to those strong feelings, you can feel tempted to interrupt the workout, but just keep going. If you stop, you’re never going to have the sensitive skin that the actor needs.

  1. Learn the script

One of the most important things for us at Acquire Entertainment Group is that you learn your script. Before you go on stage, always ensure that you master your script. For actors, it is important to always have the script on the back of their heads. An actor should also know the scripts of fellow actors so that he or she can know and predict when to come in. It’s very important to read the text of the entire play from which a scene or monologue comes several times. Look up words, expressions, people and situations that are unfamiliar and research the world of the play—historical setting, time period, location—so that you can embody it.

  1. Be dedicated

Practicing each day for no less than an hour will improve discipline and concentration. The toughest thing to learn is the art. There are few true ‘instant’ performers. Usually, it takes a lot of time and practice to hone one’s abilities. So here at Acquire Entertainment Group we encourage you to find other actors and read plays with them. Do scene work, write, hang out with designers and artists, be creative with like-minded people. Never stop being curious about the world and the work and how they inhabit each other.

Acquire Entertainment Group – 5 Tips for Young Actors 150 150 Acquire Entertainment Group

Acquire Entertainment Group – 5 Tips for Young Actors

Acquire Entertainment Group has 5 tips for aspiring young actors that could help you bring your acting talent into the spotlight!

If you’re a young person interested in a life on a stage keep reading and find out what you can do.

Acquire Entertainment Group Tip 1: Learn about the craft

Most performing artists state that throughout their career, they never stop learning. At Acquire Entertainment Group we will always encourage you to learn. Acting is an art, and a lot needs to be understood about it. Talent will get you a long way, but if you really want to excel, acting skills are vital.

Acquire Entertainment Group Tip 2: Practice

At Acquire Entertainment Group we wholeheartedly stand with the saying ‘‘Practice makes perfect’’. We recommend you to practice a little every day even the smallest things such as practicing your enunciation, bettering your posture and playing with your friends and family by acting out a scene from a movie will help you improve your acting skills.

Acquire Entertainment Group Tip 3: Observe

Acting is doing things truthfully under imaginary circumstances, this means to recreate human behavior on stage and make it feel genuine. Here at Acquire Entertainment Group we recommend you to study, observe individuals, families, acquaintances, strangers to see how they behave. Pay attention to the small gestures and facial expressions, this will help you a lot when portraying a character.

Acquire Entertainment Group Tip 4: Stay healthy

Acquire Entertainment Group recommends you to keep a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Get enough sleep and take care of yourself so you can have energy and be active when you are performing. Nothing is more important than a healthy body and mind.

Acquire Entertainment Group Tip 5: Love what you do

Acting is about playing and allowing yourself the opportunity to discover other worlds and new characters. The best advice if you want to get into acting is to do it because you love it. Enjoy the entire process and have fun!

Popular Hairstyles For Girls With Round Faces 150 150 Acquire Entertainment Group

Popular Hairstyles For Girls With Round Faces

Most girls with round faces look cute and feminine as they have soft features and proportions. You can experiment by playing with your characteristics. There are several haircuts to choose from and by no means have you depend on just a few of them. We at Acquire Entertainment Group remind you that It is just not the haircut that you’ve got to focus on, you should also try styling your hair to get a great look.

A great hairstyle will bring a new twist to your overall look and something like a finishing freshness! Try out the ideas we at Acquire Entertainment Group bring you on the list below so you can find the only hairstyle for you.

  1.  Angled Bangs. This is a shoulder-length cut, it stops the bangs from lowering the form of the round face, it should come just above the eyelashes, the front of the hair above the eyebrows and the hair flows down and then angles from the sides until the shoulder. We at Acquire Entertainment Group recommend you blow dry your bangs with a round brush so that they do not look greasy.
  2.  Bob hairstyles. One of the most classic hairstyles ever is the Bob cut. It may be oval, asymmetrical or smooth, flat, messy or wavy, with or without bangs, jaw, chin, or shoulder-length. The Bob haircut works on any hair texture. Curly hair may not have the same glassy shine with waves and natural curls because the curls do not reflect light the way smooth hair does. We at Acquire Entertainment Group encourage you to try it out since it’s something to experiment with and the all-one length is flattering on everyone.
  3.  Mixed length layers. This is a hairstyle that is about carefully angling the layers and boxing the cheeks in. You can ask for loose and face-framing layers that start slightly from the chin. In this hairstyle, the waves are added by wrapping sections of the hair with a barrel curling rod moving the hair away from the face. We at Acquire Entertainment Group suggest you try this style if you want to add more dimensions to your hair.
  4. Voluminous Lob. Another option is the voluminous lob, this is a collarbone grazing cut that gives a perfect balance effect. With this haircut most roundish part is at the cheeks it’s covered by the hair and the weight is kept at the end of the strands which will enhance the angles at the jawline. We at Acquire Entertainment Group remind you that this style is about keeping hair one length and thickening soft layers at the bottom, setting the hair with thick rollers that will give you a fabulous retro look.

If you are a petite girl with a round face, we at Acquire Entertainment Group want you to take advantage of your natural features so you can look your best. So, choose the style you like the most and try it out, we also recommend you try adding new highlights to your hair color. Keep in mind that the same cut but with new highlight colors will make a completely different look and let your face shine through. 

4 Tips To Create Your Personal Style 150 150 Acquire Entertainment Group

4 Tips To Create Your Personal Style

We at Acquire Entertainment Group want you to remember that the secret to looking great isn’t following all of the latest fashion trends but staying true to your personal style. Instead of simply absorbing patterns, personal styles are about creating a sense of self. Keep in mind that style is timeless.

So, today we bring you 4 tips to develop your own unique style that showcases your personality.

  1. Look for inspiration.

Inspiration for outfits is everywhere, you just need to look. We at Acquire Entertainment Group suggest you to take a few minutes and just look around you when you are outside, at least some stranger’s outfit will catch your attention because you like it, and even if you don’t actually see yourself wearing the outfit, you might be drawn into something about it. Another way to find inspiration are celebrities; you can start by doing a Pinterest search for “style icons” to find out who your key influencers are and save the photos you are drawn to.  

  1. Look to your own closet.

We at Acquire Entertainment Group recommend you to take a good look at your closet and see if you find an item or two that doesn’t suit the overall vibe. Chances are that your unusual piece symbolizes a style you like, but you’re not totally comfortable trying it out.

Another way to begin the process is to note the trends inside your current wardrobe that you have already worked to build. Think about the clothes you have that make you happy. Notice what they’ve got in common. Keeping track of these trends helps to hone in on your style.

  1. Choose your clothes purposely

It should be fun to style your outfits, and it should be something that you look forward to. Consequently, instead of things you never really wear or don’t want to wear, it is important that your wardrobe is made up of items that add value to your closet.

We at Acquire Entertainment Group suggest you to keep a selection of basics to make effortless looks that you can mix and match. These are classic items that go with all in neutral colors: a tiny black dress, a denim jacket, plain T-shirts, a leather handbag. These items may be basic, but by providing a base for more exciting pieces, they will let you show off your unique style.

  1. Experiment with different style choices.

Now that you have the basics, it’s time to add unique pieces to your wardrobe that reflect the individuality of your style. We at Acquire Entertainment Group recommend you to begin by adding bold accessories and color pops, and then focus on combining prints and textures and mixing them. This could require some experimenting. Remember that if you’re aiming to change your look or try something new, consider going after pieces that feel more like that aspirational item and keep them as long as the item is flattering and works for your current style. Once you start trying out the styles you like and keep adding and removing pieces until you only have things that make you feel great then that’s your unique personal style.

5 Tips For Singers 150 150 Acquire Entertainment Group

5 Tips For Singers

As a singer, your voice is your instrument so we at Acquire Entertainment Group want you to take care of this precious instrument so you can showcase your talent when you are performing. With this in mind today we bring you 5 tips every singer should know.

  1. Remember to warm-up

When you warm up before singing, you exercise your vocal muscles in the same way as you would when working out. In order to prevent strains and injuries, you must warm up your voice to prepare it for the pitch and dynamic ranges to which it will be subjected. Start with 5 notes and progressively expand your range by singing a pitch up and down. Humming and humming are also beneficial.

  1. Don’t overeat before singing

Singing songs on a full stomach is not a good idea because it would be difficult to breathe deeply. The diaphragm would not be able to go down because of all the food in your stomach. In order to avoid this, try eating at least 2 hours before a performance or if you have to eat right before performing make the meal small and light. We at Acquire Entertainment Group suggest that before a singing session you avoid dairy and spicy foods since these are mucus-forming and can cause you to clear your throat. The vocal folds can become agitated as a result of this. They then produce even more mucus, and the cycle continues.

  1. Drink lots of water remember to stay hydrated

It is important that you drink adequate amounts of water. This means you should drink water during the day, not like an afterthought when you’re about to sing. We at Acquire Entertainment Group want you to know that it can take up to 14 hours for the vocal folds to rehydrate, so if they’re dry before you start singing, drinking water won’t help. So, drink a lot of water – little sips of room temperature water helps to avoid friction on your vocal cords.

  1. Choose a song in your voice range

It’s counterproductive to choose a song that contains a note that you can sometimes get and sometimes locks up and goes out of tune. For all the nerves you’ll be feeling, you’ll more than likely lock up on the note if you’re about to sing in front of an audience. A note in your comfortable range would be easy to hold, resulting in a note that you can manipulate to make any sound you want rather than one that you can only reach badly. We at Acquire Entertainment Group recommend you choose your song carefully.

  1. Get into good habits

We at Acquire Entertainment Group would like to remind you that a healthy body means healthy vocal cords. So, when you are not singing, pay attention to how you’re treating your voice. Instead of clearing your throat, gargle with sugar. It’s important to remember to get plenty of sleep, quit smoking, and engage in aerobic exercise to help increase lung capacity. Inhaling steam can also assist with a hoarse voice by lubricating the vocal cords.