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March 2021

3 Tips For Improving Your Monologues 150 150 Acquire Entertainment Group

3 Tips For Improving Your Monologues

A monologue is a segment of a longer piece written for the stage or for the screen. It’s a glimpse of your work that agents, casting directors, producers, and directors can use to see what you’re capable of as an actor.

We at Acquire Entertainment Group want to remind you that a strong monologue would highlight your talents and show the producers what you can do, who you can play, and who you are.

Today we bring you 3 tips to improve your monologue performance.

  1. Be prepared

One of the best pieces of advice for your acting career we at Acquire Entertainment Group can give you is to always be prepared every time you have to perform. We suggest you to have a selection of monologues under your belt; this may seem like more work to have more than one perfected and ready to go, but you’ll feel much more capable and confident, plus you’ll never doubt yourself or question if another type of monologue would better fit your personality.

  1. Be unique and show your personality

Sticking to the most famous crowd-pleasers, as enticing as it is, not only puts you in danger of hearing the same monologue as the individual before you, but it also demonstrates a lack of creativity and individuality.

Choose a monologue that will make their ears perk up; it will be a breath of fresh air, and it will also reveal a little about your personality. We at Acquire Entertainment Group recommend you to seek to show something that represents your personality and is appropriate for you. In an ideal world, your accent will represent your surroundings, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push yourself and your acting abilities. Take into account your personality style, as well as the types of characters you are most attracted to.

  1. Keep it short

The harsh truth is that they will most likely assess your acting abilities and talent in the first 10 seconds, so don’t overdo it for more than 2 minutes. The importance of quality over quantity cannot be overstated. Modify and cut the monologue so that it is bold, dramatic, and leaves the audience craving more.