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4 More Acting Techniques 150 150 Acquire Entertainment Group

4 More Acting Techniques

Following our last article, we at Acquire Entertainment Group bring you 4 more techniques and methods you can try out in order to become a better actress or actor.

  1. Meisner’s Technique

Sanford Meisner looked to expand on the teachings of Stanislavski in progressing how the character thought. His technique focuses on the overarching emotion of the character, as opposed to the playwright’s words that run in parallel.

Here at Acquire Entertainment Group, we explain what the exercises include, they consist of a dynamic training system that focuses on your improvisational ability, bringing out your emotional reactions, reading the script, and eventually combining them all together in a life-like way to bring out the characteristics of the characters through your own work-breaking experiences.

Meisner’s approach is to compel the actor to get out of his own mind, to stop conceptualizing and to start reacting to pure instinct. The purpose of the approach is to get rid of any patterns or

affectations of the actor and to make him or her accessible and sensitive.

  1. Classical Method

Classical acting is a term that covers the collective use of a variety of acting techniques. Its emphasis is on every aspect of the actor’s instrument such as the voice, the imagination, the body, and the capacity of the actor to interpret the script and embody their character.

We at Acquire Entertainment Group also recommend you to try exercises and processes that increase body awareness and flexibility are popular features of classical acting training. The understanding of vocal range, quality, and expressiveness is another cornerstone of classical training.

  1. Method Acting Technique

It is a set of training and rehearsal strategies that, as developed by a variety of different theater practitioners, aim to promote genuine and emotionally expressive performances.

All of these elements are designed to emotionally make the performance of the actor as realistic as possible. Actors are encouraged in performance to use their own experiences. This effective technique of memory involves remembering from your past a particularly strong emotion, resulting in actual, unaffected emotion.

.4. Practical Aesthetics Method

The last method we at Acquire Entertainment Group bring you is the Practical Aesthetics method. Some key features of this method include a particular method of script analysis, adaptability, and repetition exercises similar to those in the Meisner technique. It follows 4 essential elements which are:

  •         The literal: The essential and most basic, uninterpreted, description of what is taking place.
  •         The want: What does one character ultimately want the other character to say or do.
  •         The essential action: A universal human desire that relates to the specific and essential nature of what your character wants within the scene. In this step, you must distill the given circumstances and the actions of your character, given to you by the playwright, to a universal human desire that underlies the text.
  •         The “as if.”: This is something that could feasibly happen in your life, that has not yet happened, that produces a galvanized response within you; a spark to involve the actor in the scene.
Best paid actresses of 2020 150 150 Acquire Entertainment Group

Best paid actresses of 2020

Acquire Entertainment Group conducted research on the list that Forbes published last year of the best-paid actresses of 2020. Acquire Entertainment Group would like to honor these talented women by reminding you of some of their best performances.

10.- Viola Davis: USD $15 million

Thanks to her appearance as Annalise Keating in the iconic series How To Get Away With Murder, Viola Davis appears on the list for the first time in 10th place. She is also known for her role as Aibileen Clark in The Help (2011) right now we are waiting to see her return as Amanda Waller in the next Suicide Squad movie.

9.- Elisabeth Moss: USD $16 million

Moss gets paid USD $1 million per episode for her astonishing role as June in the dystopian TV series Handmaid’s Tale. An undisclosed portion of her income in 2020 was also accounted for by her appearance in the surprise hit film Invisible Man. A role to remember from Moss is Becky Something in Her Smell (2019), the most outstanding and performance of her early career.

8.- Ellen Pompeo: USD $19 million

After renegotiating a contract in 2017, for her role as Dr. Meredith Grey in the popular Grey’s Anatomy TV series, Pompeo earns around USD $550,000. According to Forbes, through her share of the show’s syndication income, she still pockets about USD $6 million annually.

7.- Nicole Kidman: USD $22 million

Her role in Ryan Murphy’s The Prom on Netflix paid her an eight-figure upfront salary. For her role in the psychological thriller series, The Undoing, she will also receive around USD $1 million per episode. One of Kidman’s most iconic roles is her role as Isabel Archer in The Portrait of a Lady (1996) where she plays a gorgeous American woman, drawn to the infamous and cynical artist of John Malkovich. The exquisiteness of her presence here makes it Kidman’s peak for many. We at Acquire Entertainment Group highly recommend you to watch it if you haven’t.

6.- Emily Blunt: USD $22.5 million

After the huge success of the first film in Emily Blunt’s A Quiet Place series. For the sequel, Blunt has secured an upfront eight-figure salary. Her role in Disney’s upcoming movie, The Jungle Cruise, will also earn her a high seven-figure check. A film to remember from Blunt is one of Acquire Entertainment Group’s favorites, The Young Victoria (2009) for which she received a lot of praise for her remarkable portrayal of the Queen.



5.- Meryl Streep: USD $24 million

Meryl Streep reportedly made USD $5 million from her HBO comedy film Let Them All Talk. Her roles in Little Women and The Prom, the hit movies, provided a lot of her earnings. Every Streep role is very iconic, from Miranda Priestly to Donna Sheridan, just from the mere fact that she plays the part.

4.- Melissa McCarthy: USD $25 million

As the host of the TV show Little Big Shots, the comedy star retains a regular salary, but also expands her earnings by featuring in two films: Thunderforce and Superintelligence. In the live-action version of The Little Mermaid, Forbes also factored in her upcoming role as Ursula to put her fourth on the list. We at Acquire Entertainment Group remember fondly her charmingly funny role as Megan in Bridesmaids (2011).

3.- Gal Gadot: USD $31.5 million

The relationship between Gal Gadot and Netflix proved to be very successful, with the actress raking in over USD $20 million for her role in the Red Notice film. We will never forget her role as the amazing Wonder Woman. 

2.- Angelina Jolie: USD $35.5 million

One of the few actresses to earn almost all of her profits from traditional films, Angelina Jolie’s biggest profit for 2020, comes from her starring role in The Eternals, set to be released in November 2021. We at Acquire Entertainment Group highly recommend you to watch her powerful performance as Christine Collins in Changeling (2008).

1.- Sofia Vergara: USD $43 million

The actress started her run as a judge on America’s Got Talent following the series finale of her globally famous Modern Family show in April 2020, with most of her earnings coming from the reality TV show. She also increased her earnings with a variety of endorsements and licensing deals, including a line of jeans and furniture. As her charming role as Gloria Delgado comes to an end we are excited to see her again on the screen.