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5 Tips For Singers

As a singer, your voice is your instrument so we at Acquire Entertainment Group want you to take care of this precious instrument so you can showcase your talent when you are performing. With this in mind today we bring you 5 tips every singer should know.

  1. Remember to warm-up

When you warm up before singing, you exercise your vocal muscles in the same way as you would when working out. In order to prevent strains and injuries, you must warm up your voice to prepare it for the pitch and dynamic ranges to which it will be subjected. Start with 5 notes and progressively expand your range by singing a pitch up and down. Humming and humming are also beneficial.

  1. Don’t overeat before singing

Singing songs on a full stomach is not a good idea because it would be difficult to breathe deeply. The diaphragm would not be able to go down because of all the food in your stomach. In order to avoid this, try eating at least 2 hours before a performance or if you have to eat right before performing make the meal small and light. We at Acquire Entertainment Group suggest that before a singing session you avoid dairy and spicy foods since these are mucus-forming and can cause you to clear your throat. The vocal folds can become agitated as a result of this. They then produce even more mucus, and the cycle continues.

  1. Drink lots of water remember to stay hydrated

It is important that you drink adequate amounts of water. This means you should drink water during the day, not like an afterthought when you’re about to sing. We at Acquire Entertainment Group want you to know that it can take up to 14 hours for the vocal folds to rehydrate, so if they’re dry before you start singing, drinking water won’t help. So, drink a lot of water – little sips of room temperature water helps to avoid friction on your vocal cords.

  1. Choose a song in your voice range

It’s counterproductive to choose a song that contains a note that you can sometimes get and sometimes locks up and goes out of tune. For all the nerves you’ll be feeling, you’ll more than likely lock up on the note if you’re about to sing in front of an audience. A note in your comfortable range would be easy to hold, resulting in a note that you can manipulate to make any sound you want rather than one that you can only reach badly. We at Acquire Entertainment Group recommend you choose your song carefully.

  1. Get into good habits

We at Acquire Entertainment Group would like to remind you that a healthy body means healthy vocal cords. So, when you are not singing, pay attention to how you’re treating your voice. Instead of clearing your throat, gargle with sugar. It’s important to remember to get plenty of sleep, quit smoking, and engage in aerobic exercise to help increase lung capacity. Inhaling steam can also assist with a hoarse voice by lubricating the vocal cords.